Wanderlust you say?

Wanderlust you say?

Yes, Wanderlust, one of the longest charity road-trip by car through Europe! We offer any University student and people younger than 35 the chance to travel over 4000 miles and help with schooling children in Kosovo. Join us for 15 days over the summer winding through 15 different countries, discovering their cultures, historic places and natural landscapes.

Grab your best friend, your colleague, your sister (or even all your friends!) and experience together the multitude of cultures that Europe has to offer. Taste original food and beverage from all the countries we will cross. Drive your way through some of the most vibrant cities and discover local music. All of this while helping people. Each car will be filled with school materials and general aid items of your choice to be given to children in one of the poorest areas in our continent: Kosovo.


  1. I am from indonesia n not a student bcoz i am 52 yo .. I can be general helper 🙂

    • Hi Siti, I sent you a text on couchsurfing 🙂