Wanderlust you say?

Yes, Wanderlust, one of the longest charity road-trip by car through Europe! We offer any University student and people younger than 35 the chance to travel over 4000 miles and help with schooling children in Kosovo. Join us for 15 days over the summer winding through 15 different countries, discovering their cultures, historic places and natural landscapes.

Grab your best friend, your colleague, your sister (or even all your friends!) and experience together the multitude of cultures that Europe has to offer. Taste original food and beverage from all the countries we will cross. Drive your way through some of the most vibrant cities and discover local music. All of this while helping people. Each car will be filled with school materials and general aid items of your choice to be given to children in one of the poorest areas in our continent: Kosovo.

The itinerary:

Unlike other rallies, Wanderlust Road Trip Relief is not just about constant driving, it’s about discovering 15 countries and having time to see a bit of each country. The route is yours to design, you may want to pay a visit to the numerous great statues of Skopje in Macedonia, or just take it easy, enjoying a beautiful beach in Croatia until the social gatherings and dinner with others in the evening.

We still keep the detailed itinerary secret to you for the moment! However, points on the map representing places we are going to pass by, should give you some good clues!

Days of travel!

Km (4000 Miles) … and over!

Countries crossed… at least!

Kg of school materials per car minimum!

Local music across Europe

Crossing the continent gives such a great opportunity to discover and enjoy the multitude of cultures that Europe has to offer. What better way to take advantage of this than to invite local groups to spend an evening with us while we are in their country and ask them to play some of the most popular tunes of their country?

Giving us the chance to listen to them even before they start to be play in the UK!
This is like having a music festival travelling with us!

Charity action:

If the Wanderlust Road Trip Relief exists it is to support one cause:  provide children from disadvantaged communities in Kosovo with school supplies to facilitate access to education.
For this reason, each team will be asked to bring at least 50 kg of school supply to give to children and to the charity Balkan Sunflower.

Our partners:

The Timetable:

Have a look at your summer festival calendar, we are travelling just in between when the major music festivals in the UK are happening. Have a look at the timetable for 2014:
  • 2nd of August 2014: Leaving day: Technical checks and mandatory administration for all of us before leaving England.
  • 3rd of August 2014: 1st breakfast with our amazing host in Belgium!
  • 8th of August 2014: Arrival in Pristina Kosovo.
  • 9th of August 2014: Rest day in Pristina, spending some time with children and volunteers.
  • 10th of August 2014: Leaving Pristina direction the Mediterranean coast.
  • 15th of August 2014: Last dinner in the continent.
  • 16th August 2014: Welcome back in England!!

We are a CO2 neutral road trip!

Helping children is a great cause but respecting the environment is also a major concern for us. We understand the impact of the carbon footprint produced by our 4000 mile drive around Europe during Wanderlust Road Trip Relief.

What is a Carbon Footprint? A carbon footprint measures the amount of greenhouse gases we produce during our day-to-day activities (e.g while driving, heating our homes, etc) and the impact it has on the environment is measured in Carbon footprint.

With a goal of offsetting our carbon emission and being a Co2 neutral road trip, Wanderlust Road Trip Relief makes a donation equivalent to each team’s carbon footprint to Carbon Footprint Ltd: a program for environmental protection that would work on several projects to reduce CO2 emissions, including improvements to firewood stoves for cooking or planting trees and save the rainforest.


Participating to the road trip will require you to lead the management of a project. Advertising, recruiting partners, raising fund or equipment, and dealing with time are what you need to do!

Master the art of navigation and it is not an easy task especially when the road you are onto is not on the map! You will also need to improve your ability to negotiate and get information in a foreign language!

Learning how to diagnose and fix any problems you encounter with your car or helping others. Hopefully Duct tape, WD40 and jabbering with local people will do a good mix!