Who can take part?

To participate, you first need to be able to start a car and so to hold a current driver’s license! From that moment,
we would like to keep a group of participants with a team spirit and a mindset similar to ours. As organizers we are students and young workers, so we imagine people between 18 and 35 years. (If you have more than 35 years and want to participate, please contact us)

Anyways you’ll need to:
– Be at least 18 years old
– Be the holder of a current driver’s license (both of you)
– Have a current passport and valid until the end of the road-trip (as well as visas if required, usually not needed for European passport holders)
– Have a car for your team (with valid insurance and MoT) … The tricycle on the photo is not allowed… unfortunately! (Met in Albania, WanderlustRT 2014)

Application form

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How much does it cost?

Wanderlust Road Trip Relief has one of the cheapest registration fees of similar road-trips or rallies. For this year, the entry fee to take part is only £225 per person – £450 per team.
One team includes two people and one car, and yeap, it’s free for the car! 😉

When is the road-trip?

Look at our photos and enjoy, we are going during the summer!
In 2014, for the first Wanderlust Road Trip Relief, we left London on Saturday 2nd of August and we were back the Saturday 16th of August.

The 2016 road-trip should take place from the 6th of August to the 20th of August. This allows you to leave London, or your place, the Saturday 6th in the morning (or the evening before) to meet all of the other teams at our first meeting the 6th in the evening.
The Saturday 20th in the morning, we will share our last breakfast all together.

Have a look at what the daily life is going to be, you’ll also have a preview of the timetable.

How to take part

It’s very easy to take part in this big charity action: Contact us!
Then, to participate in the Wanderlust Road Trip Relief, you’ll need to:

  • Get a car, it can be yours, it can be your grandma’s, or one you buy on internet, one advice: don’t take a big one, it will be harder to operate it on tricky mountain roads or in tiny old city passages
  • Grab one of your best friends, someone as crazy as you, who also likes travelling
  • Gather some school supplies and general aid items to give to children in Pristina
  • Check the car and fix it as needed! It’s still better to fix it in a garage than on the side of the road in France let’s say, where French hardly speak English!
  • Prepare lot of music and SD cards for your camera
  • Look for some nice people and companies to help you fund this great charity action.
  • And let’s get going! 

Included in the entry fee:

The entry fee to Wanderlust Road Trip Relief includes:

  • The registration of the Pilote, Co-Pilote & the Car
  • The accommodation of the 1st & last night of the travel and when being in Kosovo (we’ll cover the camp site but you will need your own tent and personal equipment!)
  • A welcoming event in Pristina
  • An exclusive ‘Road & Security book’ including guidance notes, advice for the road-trip, phone numbers of organizers. Plus daily info about the road until the next meeting point.
  • A dedicated team in London UK and Bordeaux Fr. to answer all questions
  • Our technical and medical help in case of trouble
  • A dedicated team page on the Wanderlust Road Trip Relief website
  • Help and advice vehicle choice, with paperwork, sponsorship, etc …
  • Official souvenirs (movie, pictures, T-shirt, etc … )
  • Some fancy Wanderlust Road Trip Relief stickers to pimp your car
  • A certificat acknowledging the offset of the carbon footprint of your travel
  • The planning, promotion and administration of the whole road trip

We are working hard to include:

  • Dinners and Breakfasts during the road trip with other participants and organizers.
  • Ticket return for tunnel or Ferry for the car and the two participants between England and France.
  • The accommodation during the whole travel.
  • More official souvenirs

Why take part

Join our team, help to school children in one of the poorest area in our continent. Conquer the challenge of 3000 miles, travel through Europe’s amazing cities across 15 countries! Get the chance to come back with souvenirs from all these places and enjoy an adventure of a life time!

A typical day is made of breath-taking landscapes, navigation by compass and occasionally getting lost in one of the great cities in Europe. Benefiting of that to do some sightseeing! By night, play music, have a beer or share stories with others. Or if you are less fortunate you may have to fix the car … That’s all part of the Adventure and the fun!

Come with us and get the chance to participate in a Road Trip that you will never forget!

Rules and régulations

Download the rules and régulations here