The newest registered teams:


Ben and Paul’s team

Paul and I met a some years ago in London, UK, in a funny “Free conversation” which eventually finished in a party. Just after we went to a crazy Hichhiking competition to Oxford ! That’s a really

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Ophélie and Jérémy’s team

In a couple for a while now, we always wanted to travel in our own way. The attraction to the unknown pushed us to participate to this road-trip. On top of that, providing support to many children moves us a lot. We are both

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Who can take part?

To participate, you first need to be able to start a car and so to hold a current driver’s license! From that moment,
we would like to keep a group of participants with a team spirit and a mindset similar to ours. As organizers we are students and young workers, so we imagine people between 18 and 35 years. (If you have more than 35 years and want to participate, please contact us)

Anyways you’ll need to:
– Be at least 18 years old
– Be the holder of a current driver’s license (both of you)
– Have a current passport and valid until the end of the road-trip (as well as visas if required, usually not needed for European passport holders)
– Have a car for your team (with valid insurance and MoT) … The tricycle on the photo is not allowed… unfortunately! (Met in Albania, WanderlustRT 2014)

Application form

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Previous years teams:


Ben and Math’s team

Mathieu and I met a long time ago in college in south west of France, and since that time we have always shared our travel stories, some musics and stupid jokes! We have a common passion for photography and traveling, which actually Mathieu has made his main life activity by becoming a famous road trip photographer and shares his vision under the nickname

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Elena and Lisa’s team, canceled

-Elena- Lisa and me joined the project Wanderlust Road Trip Relief a bit later on the way. In fact, we met through it. We love new challenges and to discover the world.
-Lisa- We are both seeking new opportunities to meet different cultures and help people, because it is through these exchanges that you learn the most about

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