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Welcome to the WRT community

Welcome to the community of Wanderlust Road Trip Relief. We are pleased to welcome you in this Participants space special for you. There is a maximum of information and downloads for actively and concretely prepare your participation to this charitable event, one of the largest in Europe.

Included in the entry fee:

The entry fee to Wanderlust Road Trip Relief includes:

  • The registration of the Pilote, Co-Pilote & the Car
  • The accommodation of the 1st & last night of the travel and when being in Kosovo (we’ll cover the camp site but you will need your own tent and personal equipment!)
  • A welcoming event in Pristina
  • An exclusive ‘Road & Security book’ including guidance notes, advice for the road-trip, phone numbers of organizers. Plus daily info about the road until the next meeting point.
  • A dedicated team in London UK and Bordeaux Fr. to answer all questions
  • Our technical and medical help in case of trouble
  • A dedicated team page on the Wanderlust Road Trip Relief website
  • Help and advice vehicle choice, with paperwork, sponsorship, etc …
  • Official souvenirs (movie, pictures, T-shirt, etc … )
  • Some fancy Wanderlust Road Trip Relief stickers to pimp your car
  • A certificat acknowledging the offset of the carbon footprint of your travel
  • The planning, promotion and administration of the whole road trip

We are working hard to include:

  • Dinners and Breakfasts during the road trip with other participants and organizers.
  • Ticket return for tunnel or Ferry for the car and the two participants between England and France.
  • The accommodation during the whole travel.
  • More official souvenirs

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