Ophélie and Jérémy’s team

Ophélie and Jérémy’s team

In a couple for a while now, we always wanted to travel in our own way. The attraction to the unknown pushed us to participate to this road-trip. On top of that, providing support to many children moves us a lot. We are both 20 years old: Ophelie lies in Normandy, studies in Rouen in a foundation year as occupational therapist and Jérémy studies Communication in Bordeaux. Jeremy has been in internship for the association and help them on the communication about the project.
This is the first time we participate in a charitable trip and it will not be the last one.

In order to provide the as much supplies to children as possible, we contacted our former teachers to mobilize the most people to help us. Also some newspapers wrote articles about us!

We looked for partenaires for our team: the nice company “Grain d’or gel” and the College Prepa Cours Pasteur Rouen. Their help support us a lot in our preparation and make us very happy.

We also thought about making a Facebook page Road trip humanitaire Ophélie & Jérémy, this page will allow to follow us during our planing as well as from the beginning to the end of this 15 days road-trip.


Team’s ID:

Pilot: Jérémy
From: St Loubès, Aquitaine, Fr
Age: 21
Education : BTS Communication
Etudiant de: Lycée Ste Marie Bastide

Co-Pilot: Ophélie
From:  St Aubin les Elbeuf, Normandie, Fr
Age: 20
Education: foundation year as occupational therapist
Student of: Prepa Cours Pasteur Rouen



Our team’s partners: