List of school equipment

List of school equipment

As our desire is to better target the needs of schools and students, we suggest you the following compositions:

School bags containing following equipments:

  • pencil case
  • pens and pencils
  • eraser
  • felt tip pens and colored pencils
  • copybook or lever arch file with sheets of paper
  • rough book
  • ruler
  • calculator, ….

backpacks containing following sports equipment:

  • large and small balls, frisbees…
  • sports shoes and socks
  • gym suit
  • training bibs
  • skipping ropes

You can also bring:

  • Computers (please contact us)
  • Hygiene products (please contact us)
  • Toys, cuddly toy, etc…

Suggestions for collection:

  • Link up your project with a primary school.
  • Get sponsorship from a stationery shop or a supermarket.

Textbooks are not permitted due to language and school curriculum issues. For more information, please contact us.