How much should we budget for the whole road trip?

Not much as we tried to make it as cheap as possible. To plan your budget you need to think to the following points. Without forgetting that   if you are active enough you could find businesses happy to sponsor your fare in return for a well positioned sticker on the car! 

  • Entry Fee – The cost to enter Wanderlust Road Trip Relief for a team of two people: the pilot & copilot and the car.
  • Accommodation – Some of the accommodations are included in the registration fees (keep in mind to bring a tent and personal equipment). For the rest it shouldn’t be more than £12 per person in average.
  • Food – Well .. this one really depend on how greedy you are to be honest ! Let’s say this trip is also your holidays and you want to treat a bit yourself, shall we say something like 20euro max per day ?
  • Ferry crossings – The cost for the tunnel or a ferry for the car and the two participants to travel to the continent and return to England can go up to £250 at the last minute. Don’t delay this one for too long!
  • Car – The car you are going to drive, you may own it already in this case the cost would be not more than £0! If you buy it for the road-trip and plan to use it afterward. You can easily get a second hand car and fix it for no more than £1000!
  • Insurance (European travelling and breakdown insurance) – And you definitely want to have one! Travel insurances aren’t much expensive. Car insurance however, can vary a lot according to a many conditions. If you use your car all the year long then it can be as little as a few hundred pound to one or two thousand per year.
  • Petrol costs – You can roughly work out those costs if you take 6000km – 4000 miles as an average from London to Pristina and return (this is the mileage we will cover in Europe). Diesel and petrol prices usually cheaper in southern Europe and doesn’t go over UK prices in the others countries.
  • Tolls & Vignettes – In order to drive on the motorways in some countries like Austria or Slovenia, we need a Vignette. They are not expensive – count 10-12euro each. You also need an insurance to come in Kosovo (as most insurances don’t cover it); last year it was 30euro. There are also a few tolls but nothing excessive, you will be looking at something around 50-60euro in total. You can get away without going by some tolls, the route just takes longer!
  • Charity supplies – All the equipment you are going to give to the children and to Balkan Sunflowers, the charity we are supporting, there is of course no limit to that!