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Some help to prepare the road-trip

Estimated budget


Entry fee:

We tried to make it as cheap as possible all the while including as much as we can.



Counting buying a car and some mandatory repairs. You can of course use your own car, which will clearly reduce the note. We have not yet tried with a rental car!


Vehicle, Misc.:

Things like insurance, MoT or emergency break down tools! Once again if you use your own car, this amount will be reduced.



Petrol of course and tolls or tax disk depending of countries. The ticket for the ferry if you’re coming from the UK.



– Tents
– Sleeping bags
– Camping cutleries
– Campsite fees



Breakfasts and some diners are included in the registration fee. Keep in mind the lunch break … the snack for 10am and the afternoon tea!!



Some money for things we never think of… (Phone bill, this one is for you!). Also the touristic things, and the souvenir for grandma!

Estimated budget as an example. Average overall budget based on the costs during the first road trip (about £3500).

FAQ: Preparing for the road-trip

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Included in the entry fee:

The entry fee to Wanderlust Road Trip Relief includes:

  • The registration of the Pilote, Co-Pilote & the Car
  • The accommodation of the 1st & last night of the travel and when being in Kosovo (we’ll cover the camp site but you will need your own tent and personal equipment!)
  • A welcoming event in Pristina
  • An exclusive ‘Road & Security book’ including guidance notes, advice for the road-trip, phone numbers of organizers. Plus daily info about the road until the next meeting point.
  • A dedicated team in London UK and Bordeaux Fr. to answer all questions
  • Our technical and medical help in case of trouble
  • A dedicated team page on the Wanderlust Road Trip Relief website
  • Help and advice vehicle choice, with paperwork, sponsorship, etc …
  • Official souvenirs (movie, pictures, T-shirt, etc … )
  • Some fancy Wanderlust Road Trip Relief stickers to pimp your car
  • A certificat acknowledging the offset of the carbon footprint of your travel
  • The planning, promotion and administration of the whole road trip

We are working hard to include:

  • Dinners and Breakfasts during the road trip with other participants and organizers.
  • Ticket return for tunnel or Ferry for the car and the two participants between England and France.
  • The accommodation during the whole travel.
  • More official souvenirs

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