Out of respect for the environment:

Because we all love the beautiful landscapes we encounter while travelling and want to enjoy them still later, we are committed to making all possible efforts to preserve them. This is one of the big daily challenges for Wanderlust Road Trip Relief. We aim to leave no trace where we travel which means cleaning our shit before starting our engines and leaving the roads and places we stay as we find them when we came.

We hope this is common sense for you, for us it is a mandatory rule!

We are a CO2 neutral road trip!

Helping children is a great cause but respecting the environment is also a major concern for us. We understand the impact of the carbon footprint produced by our 4000 mile drive around Europe during Wanderlust Road Trip Relief.

What is a Carbon Footprint? A carbon footprint measures the amount of greenhouse gases we produce during our day-to-day activities (e.g while driving, heating our homes, etc) and the impact it has on the environment is measured in Carbon footprint.

With a goal of offsetting our carbon emission and being a Co2 neutral road trip, Wanderlust Road Trip Relief makes a donation equivalent to each team’s carbon footprint to Carbon Footprint Ltd: a program for environmental protection that would work on several projects to reduce CO2 emissions, including improvements to firewood stoves for cooking or planting trees and save the rainforest.


Britain is Great, and Europe is Big. Get the chance to enjoy its diversity! Travel through amazing cities across 15 countries, beat the challenge of 4000 miles!

Understanding the impact driving 4000 mile, doing everything we can to respect the environment and to keep being a Co2 Free Road-trip!

Doing a good action, helping a charity with schooling children, giving to children and helping others in general is a noble cause indescribably fulfilling!