Elena and Lisa’s team, canceled

Elena and Lisa’s team, canceled

-Elena- Lisa and me joined the project Wanderlust Road Trip Relief a bit later on the way. In fact, we met through it. We love new challenges and to discover the world.

-Lisa- We are both seeking new opportunities to meet different cultures and help people, because it is through these exchanges that you learn the most about life.
-Elena- It might happen one day, that you wake up and suddenly understand that helping people becomes one of the most important things in your life, which brings you happiness, satisfaction and make this life worth living.

-Elena- I am a middle-aged IT security professional working for one of the biggest IT companies in the world.
-Lisa- I am a student in Social Anthropology with a focus on Africa but I want to explore the beauty of the whole world. Until now I’ve never had the chance to travel across Eastern European countries or the Balkans… And I guess this project is going to give me this chance to discover a part of the world, which is still unknown to me.
-Elena- Yes, we are different, we may have different interests, ages, languages or life experiences.
-Lisa- But our intentions are similar,
-Elena- And one thing we have in common, which counts for everything: we don’t want to follow standards and keep ourselves in a prison of traditions and prejudices.

-Elena- We want to break the borders to realize who we are and what this world and life is all about.
-Lisa- Looking through the lens and feeling the sweet realm of the world.
-Elena- We are happy to contribute to this road trip and bring school supplies to children as well as realize our old passion for travel that people call “wanderlust”.
-Lisa- We know we are forming a great team!


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 London, UK
Age: middle-aged
Education: Master in Problems solving

Student of: The daily life

 London, UK
Age: 21
Education: Social anthropology and African studies

Student of: SOAS University

Brand: Volkswagen
Model: Golf
Age: 7
Color: Grey

” Wanna live freely without any borders or limits! ” 

Update: Unfortunately this team has to be cancelled.