Life during the road trip

Every day of Wanderlust Road Trip Relief, we will…

  • Discover new European cities!
  • See amazing architecture and landscapes!
  • Meet up with a fantastic group of new people!
  • Taste the best typical meal of the country we are in!
  • Have fun!

Each morning we will all prepare together for a new day on the road. After a well-deserved breakfast and some information about the route, we will then part ways for each team to find their own route to the next meeting point.

Your team will have the day to enjoy breath-taking landscapes, navigate your way by compass and map, occasionally get lost in a capital and benefiting of this to sightsee it, then grabbing lunch. Be careful not to be lost for too long so we can all have dinner together in the evening.

Once we’re all back together for the night, depending on how hard the day has been and how late each team arrives, some people will be in the mood to play or listen to music, have a beer or share stories. Others will prefer to rest. Others may be less fortunate and will spend a good part of their evening fixing cars, elbow deep in gunk… That’s all part of the Adventure of Wanderlust Road Trip Relief!

Grab one of your best friends in this adventure to travel and share some great moments together!

Discovering the music and cultures from numerous countries around Europe which also mean enjoying great dishes and beverages!

Taking and sharing lot of pictures and video of this big adventure!

Coming back with a lot more new friends you had travelled with during this unforgettable journey!

The Timetable:

Have a look at your summer festival calendar, we are travelling just in between when the major music festivals in the UK are happening. Have a look at the timetable for 2014:
  • 2nd of August 2014: Leaving day: Technical checks and mandatory administration for all of us before leaving England.
  • 3rd of August 2014: 1st breakfast with our amazing host in Belgium!
  • 8th of August 2014: Arrival in Pristina Kosovo.
  • 9th of August 2014: Rest day in Pristina, spending some time with children and volunteers.
  • 10th of August 2014: Leaving Pristina direction the Mediterranean coast.
  • 15th of August 2014: Last dinner in the continent.
  • 16th August 2014: Welcome back in England!!

Local music across Europe

Crossing the continent gives such a great opportunity to discover and enjoy the multitude of cultures that Europe has to offer. What better way to take advantage of this than to invite local groups to spend an evening with us while we are in their country and ask them to play some of the most popular tunes of their country?

Giving us the chance to listen to them even before they start to be play in the UK!
This is like having a music festival travelling with us!

Unlike other rallies, Wanderlust Road Trip Relief is not just about constant driving, it’s about discovering 15 countries and having time to see a bit of each country. The route is yours to design, you may want to pay a visit to the numerous great statues of Skopje in Macedonia, or just take it easy, enjoying a beautiful beach in Croatia until the social gatherings and dinner with others in the evening.

We still keep the detailed itinerary secret to you for the moment! However, points on the map representing places we are going to pass by, should give you some good clues!