Charity action:

If the Wanderlust Road Trip Relief exists it is to support one cause:  provide children from disadvantaged communities in Kosovo with school supplies to facilitate access to education.
For this reason, each team will be asked to bring at least 50 kg of school supply to give to children and to the charity Balkan Sunflower.

2014 report

We are back from the Wanderlust Road Trip Relief 2014, after 15 days of travel across Europe.

For the 1st edition of the road-trip which has taken place from the 2nd to the 16th of august 2014, we have bring with us in our car a total of almost 100kg of equipment to offer to children which have assist to a summer class organized by the charity we are supporting: Balkan Sunflower!

Those 100kg of equipment consisted of:
– school bags for the pupils,
– pencil cases filled with everything you need to learn, in other words: pens, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpener, ruler, glue, etc …
– colored pencils,
– rough books,
– as well as lever arch files full of sheets of paper

This allowed us to help more than 60 children to be ready for the start of the school year in September. We have also donated equipment to use in classrooms.

Britain is Great, and Europe is Big. Get the chance to enjoy its diversity! Travel through amazing cities across 15 countries, beat the challenge of 4000 miles!

Understanding the impact driving 4000 mile, doing everything we can to respect the environment and to keep being a Co2 Free Road-trip!

Doing a good action, helping a charity with schooling children, giving to children and helping others in general is a noble cause indescribably fulfilling!

Charity supported: Balkan Sunflowers

Balkan Sunflowers Kosova is a non-governmental organization registered in Kosovo.

Registered name: Balkan Sunflowers Kosova
Year of registration: 2007
Registration number: 5111260-1
Website: http://balkansunflowers.org/


Who is Balkan Sunflower?

Balkan Sunflowers promotes local volunteerism and brings volunteers from around the world to work as neighbors and friends in social reconstruction and renewal. By organizing educational, social and cultural activities, they promote understanding, further non-violent conflict transformation, and celebrate the diversity of the lives and cultures of the Balkan region.

Balkan Sunflowers in action

Balkan Sunflowers has been running education programs aiming at the successful integration of Roma Ashkali and Egyptian communities since 2003. Through education, play, art, sport, work and celebration, and in compassionate response to traumatic experiences, they serve the communities with whom they live.

At the Plemetina Learning Center, where we offered our donation of school equipment:
– Only one child in Plemetina dropped out of school this past year
– Girls’ school attendance has increased and there are currently 58 girls in primary school
– 75% of all registered Roma children in Plemetina attend the learning center.

List of school equipment

As our desire is to better target the needs of schools and students, we suggest you the following compositions:

School bags containing following equipments:

  • pencil case
  • pens and pencils
  • eraser
  • felt tip pens and colored pencils
  • copybook or lever arch file with sheets of paper
  • rough book
  • ruler
  • calculator, ….

backpacks containing following sports equipment:

  • large and small balls, frisbees…
  • sports shoes and socks
  • gym suit
  • training bibs
  • skipping ropes

You can also bring:

  • Computers (please contact us)
  • Hygiene products (please contact us)
  • Toys, cuddly toy, etc…

Suggestions for collection:

  • Link up your project with a primary school.
  • Get sponsorship from a stationery shop or a supermarket.

Textbooks are not permitted due to language and school curriculum issues. For more information, please contact us.