Ben and Math’s team

Ben and Math’s team

Mathieu and I met a long time ago in college in south west of France, and since that time we have always shared our travel stories, some musics and stupid jokes! We have a common passion for photography and traveling, which actually Mathieu has made his main life activity by becoming a famous road trip photographer and shares his vision under the nickname: MK .

When I came back from my first trip in Kosovo and explained to Math that I wanted to do something to help schooling children in Kosovo (at the time Wanderlust Road Trip Relief was just a vague idea in my mind), he was very enthusiastic and decided straight away to help and support me in this project. That’s why we are excited and looking forward to travelling together to bring some help to the children and getting to know more our own continent.


Team’s ID:

 Bordeaux, Fr
Age: 27
Education: Electrotechnique
Student of: Lycée les Iris

 Bordeaux, Fr
Age: 28
Education: Graphic design / Printing technique / Photography

Student of: Lycée les Iris

Brand: Peugeot
Model: 106
Age: 15
Color: White

” Let’s Rock it! ”