Why become a partner

Becoming a partner of  Wanderlust Road Trip Relief enables you to:

  • Associate your image with this event which promotes the following positive values: Action – Volunteering – Solidarity – Adventure – Travelling – Personal Achievement – Teamwork.
  • Create an unusual advertisement and visual communications with sponsors’ stickers on vehicles while crossing fifteen different European countries.
  • Benefit from Wanderlust Road Trip Relief’s media coverage this may include the website and social media profiles of each team participating to the road trip, newspapers (internet or printed version) or TV channels.
  • Reach your target public via an interesting communication channel : a charity and sporting event.
  • Improve your company profile by supporting a charitable project.
  • Thank your suppliers by inviting them to the end of the event.

As a partner there are more ways that you can link your company to Wanderlust Road Trip Relief and reap the rewards.

How to become a partner

There are different ways that as a partner you can link your company to the Wanderlust Road Trip Relief, before even thinking of money, some possibilities to become one of our partners are:

  • To help us with equipment, tools we need or school supplies to give for the children. You can give this equipment as donations.
  • To lend us or temporarily transfer an employee to work with us or give us a technical support on a voluntary basis.
  • As we mentioned before you can give us a hand to raise some money.
  • Of course spread the word about Wanderlust Road Trip Relief!

The suggestions above are just a few examples of the many ways that as a partner you can link your company to Wanderlust Road Trip Relief. If you share the passion that drives us, contact us to tailor a partnership to closely fit with your marketing strategy.

Our partners:


Consumers agree that Cause Related Marketing should be a standard part of a company’s activities.


Consumers think that it is acceptable for Companies to involve a charity or good cause in their marketing.


Consumers agree they are more likely to buy a product associated with a cause they care about, price and quality being equal.


Consumers have a more positive image of a company they see doing something to make the world a better place.

Prospective Partners


Download the presentation for partners in a PDF format, with details about Wanderlust Road Trip Relief. You can also share it using this link:

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