The history of Wanderlust

In March 2013, we  met Elizabeth Gowing. She found out about communities in Kosovo where the children couldn’t go to school because they had no shoes; where the children wanted to go to school but were refused because of a bizarre regulation that required children over 9 to pass a test before registering to school.

She decided to open a school where her team of volunteers gives some free classes to the children in their own neighborhood.

After listening to her stories, the founder of Wanderlust Road Trip Relief (Ben) thought about a way to get involved. In July 2013, he traveled to Pristina, Kosovo, to meet these children & the volunteers that give them free classes. He decided to help on this cause and got the idea of a charity road-trip starting in England to bring goods for these children and charities in Kosovo. A relief for those who want to learn. A 6000km cultural discovery travel for those who want to help to learn. Hence, Wanderlust Road Trip Relief (WRT) was founded

The 1st edition of this charitable event is being launched in August 2014.

We are looking for volunteers

The organization is able to achieve its goals thanks to its great team of volunteers & partners that we would like to greatly thank.

To support our projects, we always welcome any help for different kind of activities.
More information on the activities we are currently seeking help for, in the Volunteers section.

Administrative registrations

Wanderlust Road Trip Relief (WRT) is registered as a not-for profit organization limited by guarantee in England. In France, it is registered as an association, “Association Loi 1901, à but non-lucratif”, according to the French 1901 law. It is run by passionate people acting for a charitable purpose and for the public benefit.

Our goals are to:

  • Give support to charities aiming to increase access to education in good conditions and the health of people from disadvantaged communities especially in Kosovo.
  • Raise awareness of these charities, of their actions and the situation in these areas.
  • Promote the cultural diversity of Europe and of Kosovo.

The organisers

We are a small team of enthusiastic people who are passionate about traveling and highly inspired by the idea of making the world a better place to live in. This project is our chance to combine all of that: helping people in need around us, exploring Europe and discovering different cultures on the way! In association with “Balkan Sunflower” which supports the education of children from disadvantaged communities like Ashkali, Roma and Egyptian and our partners, we are doing everything within our power to make the project Wanderlust Road Trip Relief happen.

You wonder who are the people behind this project?  

Benjamin: Co-funder. Project and Event manager. Also part of the organisation of the ‘Merge festival’. He is an experienced traveller. He has been part of the first edition of the road trip in 2014

Mathieu: Co-founder. Photographer, Videomaker and Printmaker.
 His third photo-book will be made of pictures taken during the road trip! He has been part of the first edition of the road trip in 2014

Volunteers: We also have a group of very dedicated volunteers helping us on a variety of tasks and we would like to thank each of them for their support.

Thanks: We want to thank everyone who helped us to start and grow this project and continues helping out till now. We are thinking of Lisa or Kasia and many more who joined the project later on, without your constant support and strong belief in our values this project wouldn’t happen!